Want a fast and easy way to get to your leaky drains? Discover our innovative plumbing tools that make your job quicker and easier. I have created a new type of wrench for shower drains and kitchen sink strainer baskets that are convenient and easy to use. Back in 2011 I needed a wrench to loosen the retainer nut on my upstairs shower because it was leaking on the ceiling below. I searched far and wide to no avail. So, I made a very crude wrench that I could get up, into the small opening in the sub-flooring. It worked so well that I decided to improve the wrench and have them CNC laser cut for precise fits. Well, the more times I showed it to plumbers the more I sold.  Everyone loved it! So now my business is busy developing a large network of supply outlets to reach as many people as possible. Come, try one for yourself and see what everyone has been missing. I guarantee the wrenches against breakage or bending under normal, intended use.

 The thin design of the shower wrench lets you access the drain through the narrow hole in the sub-flooring. These tools help reduce your, on the job time, by letting you get at retainer nuts without removing drain pipes or cutting larger holes in the sub-flooring. No one else in the world makes a plumbing tool like this. They are patented, and made, right here in the USA of tough A36 steel. Our goal is to supply every plumber with this tool to make their job easier.

My motto is “Helping others help themselves.” In my world I consider these wrenches to be Divinely inspired and therefore, want to provide these wrenches to everyone who can use them.

All “call in” orders receive a 15% discount

All Wrenches are $23.98 List each plus $4.55 shipping. Call for quantity discounts